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Broomknoll Parish Church

Broomknoll Street,







Broomknoll Parish Church

16/05/2009 @ 7.30pm

March Satr Lake Band
Opening prayer   Ian Dickie
Congregational song To God br The Glory  
Arrangement Swingtime Religion Band
Cornet solo Share My Yoke Yvonne Ferguson
Arrangement In Good Company Band
Vocal trio Stronger For It Olwyn Mathir, Caroline & Daniel McMillan
From the BBC top 10 Swedish Folk Song Band
Flugel horn solo Through It All Lynn Shanks
Euphonium solo Grandfathers Clock Chris Shanks
From the TV Ground Force Band
From the classics Ave Verum Band
From the movies The Great Escape Band
A time to reflect    
Hymn tune arrangement Such Love Band
Bible reading   Sam Ritchie
Congregational song I'll Go In The Strength of The Lord  
Closing march Colonel Bogey Band
Closing prayer   Airdrie minister

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